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We have been selling Cheap Used Auto Cars for 11 years under Latin American Auto Salvage. We specialize in all kinds of parts always keeping our price Cheap. This is why we are your Auto salvage with the Cheap used auto parts throughout the state of Georgia. We have thousands  of  used auto parts available. Call us or request a part of cars to compare our prices. we will prove it because we are the kings in cheap used auto parts. We send Used auto parts to the entire United States.

All type of Used Auto Parts Available for all the makers





Original parts



Doors Panels

Body Parts




and much more….At the end we break the complete cars and sell the parts Cheap as we get vehicles for parts daily. Nobody can beat us in price because what we are looking for is volumes. In Used Auto Parts our guaranteed price that nobody equals us. Send us a request Used Auto Parts and we will answer immediately with the same price in Used Auto Parts. Today



Latin American Auto Salvage